Model 3

Mobile Harbor Cranes

Gottwald yedek Parça

Model 3

Max. radius 46 m
Max. lifting capacity 100 t
Max. load moment 2,000 mt

Container handling

Recommended for vessels up to Standard class
Reaches up to 13 container rows

Bulk handling

Serving vessels up to Handymax
Reaches bulk handling rates up to 1,000 t/h

General & project cargo handling

Lifting capacity of 100 t up to 20 m
Hoisting speeds up to 120 m/min

From the inventor

Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes stand for versatility and eco-efficiency. Our unique portfolio comprises seven models, ranging from an entry-level model to a very high-performance crane for the most demanding applications. You will find the right crane for your cargo handling application, vessel size, universal or specialized terminal.

Our state-of-the-art electric drives offer unparalleled eco-efficiency. Our robust construction, innovative smart crane features and simulator training in realistic conditions enables the smoothest ride in the industry.

Our unique mobile harbor crane technology is also available as portal harbor cranes, rubber-tired portal harbor cranes and cranes on barge.

New or used, our mobile harbor crane technology is an investment in the future.

Gottwald yedek Parça

The entry model in the 100-ton class

The Konecranes Gottwald Model 3 Mobile Harbor Crane is the entry model in our family of medium-sized cranes. Designed for general requirements, this crane has load capacities up to 100 t, a maximum working radius of 46 m and lifting speeds of up to 120 m/min. It is a two-rope crane available in a number of variants, used for container handling and general cargo handling with ships up to standard class. The maximum lifting capacity of 100 t also makes heavy-load lifting possible. When equipped with motor grabs, it can also load and unload bulk carriers up to Handysize.
The Model 3’s compact construction is achieved by accommodating the diesel generator and control units in preconfigured containers that are weather-protected, sound-proofed and air-conditioned. It incorporates our proven, low-maintenance three-phase technology which simplifies the application of energy-saving technologies.


Variant Maximum lifting capacity [t] Hoisting speed [m/min] Hoist configuration Diesel engine nominal output (PRP, ISO 8528) [kW]
G HMK 3405 (standard variant) 100 / 47 0 – 120 1 x 2 = one 2-rope hoist 695
G HMK 3405 (general cargo variant) 100 / 47 0 – 100 1 x 2 = one 2-rope hoist 695


The Model 3 crane is equipped with a standard range of features that improve productivity and eco-efficiency for economical, sustainable cargo handling in ports and terminals.

We also offer a range of optional, special features such as:

  • Load guidance system, including:

– linear load motion
– load antisway
– point-to-point handling mode
– hoisting height limiting system

  • Tandem lift assistant and vertical lift assistant
  • Verifiable weighing system

The use of energy-efficient hybrid drive units or external power sources significantly improves the efficiency of the drive system and helps reduce the environmental impact.

All variants
Radius 10.0 – 46.0 m
Boom pivot point 16.3 m
Tower cab (crane operator eye level) 18.7 m
Propping base 12.0 m x 12.0 m
Chassis in travel mode 16.0 m x 9.0 m
Weight (approx.) 300 t
Above quay level 42.0 m
Below quay level 12.0 m
Axles 5
Steered axles 5
Driven axles 2
Crab steering 25°
Slewing 0 – 2.0 rpm
Luffing 0 – 80 m/min
Traveling 0 – 80 m/min
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