Rubber - Tired

Portal Harbor Cranes

For the confined quayside

The Konecranes Gottwald Rubber-Tired Portal Harbor Crane is a Model 2 crane that has been developed for narrow quays and confined quay installations. It offers good drive-under capability, so that other vehicles can keep moving unhindered.

Easy to maneuver

  • Clear width: 9.5 m
  • Clearance height: 6 m
  • Proppable
  • Four axle alignments with eight pairs of wheels, fifth axle optional
  • Hydraulic vertical compensation: +/- 250 mm
  • Stairway inside or outside

Portal design

  • Max. 40° steering lock
  • Tight turning circle
  • Excellent crab steering
  • On-the-spot turning

Easy to drive under

  • For one-way traffic
  • For two-way terminal truck traffic
  • For rail traffic
  • Permits the operation of conveyor belts
Products Maximum lifting capacity [t] / up to radius [m] Maximum radius [m] Configuration*
Model 2 80 / 18 40 2 / 4

* 2: Two-rope crane for handling containers, general and project cargo and bulk with motor grab
4: Four-rope grab variant for professional heavy-duty bulk handling

Model also available as these types:

  • Mobile harbor cranes
  • Portal harbor cranes
  • Cranes on barge
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